AlcoHAWK PRO FC Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer, Digital Breath Alcohol Tester


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The AlcoHAWK PRO FC Fuel Cell is a professional breathalyzer that quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC). If you're looking for an accurate breathalyzer - fuel cell accuracy - you're in the right spot!
SKU: AH14000
Product Details

1. Insert a mouthpiece into the mouthpiece inlet.

2. Push the ON/OFF power switch that is located on the right side under the display window.

  • The unit will show "on" along with a welcome sound and will start to countdown (15 ~ 35 seconds). This warm-up process prepares the sensor for testing.

3. A beep sound and "bLo" display will signal to begin testing.  Blow steadily into the mouthpiece until you would hear the beep sound again.

  • If you don’t blow within 20 seconds, the unit will automatically power off.

4. The unit will process the breath sample and display the test result. 

  • If the test result is over 0.050%BAC (default setting), "WARN" signal (Red LED) will light up along with "Alarm" sound.
  • If you push the power switch when the Green or Red LED is off, the unit goes back to countdown stage for another test.

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