AlcoHAWK Calibration

What is Calibration?

Calibration is a process of adjusting the internal software so that the device can gauge specific blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. If the sensor becomes saturated, then the results of the device can become skewed. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer originally calibrated the device at a time when the sensor was unsaturated.

After diagnostic evaluation of the unit has been completed the accuracy is verified with a 2-point accuracy check and a Full Diagnostic Summary is included with your unit, ensuring that it has been thoroughly inspected and returned to you in working order.

How Often Should I
Have My AlcoHAWK Calibrated?

All digital breath alcohol detectors offered from Quest Products come pre-calibrated, but it is recommended that you have a breath alcohol detector verified for accuracy every 1-12 months, depending on frequency of use. If you are using the breath alcohol detector multiple times daily, it is suggested to have the device calibrated at least monthly. If you do not use the breath alcohol detector daily but still use it several times a month, then it is suggested to have it verified at least every 6 months. Calibration helps ensure that your device is operating correctly, and is an inexpensive way to greatly increase the useful life of your breath alcohol detector.

Why Are Regular
Calibrations Needed?

Top 3 reasons for breathalyzer calibration:
1. Calibration will help your unit be more accurate. 2. Calibration will help your unit last longer. 3. Calibration will help identify any potential defects with the unit so they can be repaired immediately (Units under warranty are repaired or replaced at no cost to you) AlcoHAWK Breathalyzers are precision instruments which will last longer and be more accurate if proper calibrations are performed. The AlcoHAWK Service Center operates with DOT certified solutions and trained technicians to calibration or repair your device.



Calibration is similiar to getting a tune-up for your car. Tune-ups help keep your car operating correctly and help extend the life of your vehicle. Similiarly, calibration helps keep your breathalyzer unit operating correctly, helps maintain accurate results, and extends the life of the product. Calibrations, like tune-ups, are a maintenance feature and are not covered under warranty.

How Much Does Calibration Service Cost?

The cost of a calibration service ranges from $20 to $30.
The price include Quest’s return cost of ground shipping within the continental United States. Looking to save on future calibrations?

AlcoHAWK Service Plans:
PT Series/Rapid Screen/Avanti

Note: Calibrations are a maintenance item and are not covered under warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. How long will it take to recalibrate my breathalyzer?
A. After we receive your unit it will be verified, recalibrated and shipped out within 5 business days.
Q. Can I recalibrate a breath alcohol detector myself?
A. No. Recalibration requires the use of advanced breath alcohol simulators to correctly perform recalibration.
Q. Which breath alcohol detectors can Quest calibrate?
A. Quest can calibrate all AlcoHAWK® Series breath alcohol testers.
Q. If I did not purchase my AlcoHAWK® breath alcohol detector directly from Quest, can I have Quest recalibrate my device?
A. Yes. Simply follow the procedures described below.

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How Do I Get My AlcoHAWK Calibrated?

  1. Add the calibration sku to your cart and checkout.
  2. You will receive a calibration order confirmation email after your order is complete. Print a copy of this email and place in a package with product.
  3. Ship the unit to the following address:

    Quest Products
    Attn: Service Center
    8201 104th St Ste 200
    Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

    To ensure delivery and tracking of your unit, we strongly recommend that you use delivery confirmation with the shipment.

  4. A Quest service technician will calibrate the unit.
  5. After we receive your unit it will be verified, recalibrated and shipped out within 5 business days.

For established customers with approved payment terms, please call customer service at 800-650-0113 to place your calibration order. For customers located internationally, please contact us for a Service Center near you.For customers located in Canada, please contact our Canada Calibration Service Center for procedures on having an AlcoHAWK calibrated in Canada:

1003 Guildwood Blvd.
London, Ontario
Canada N6H 5G4
Tel: 519-317-5360