You've Got a Lot to Lose

The monetary cost of getting a DUI has been estimated to cost up to $10,000 in legal fees, lost wages, transportation costs, etc. Yet, the non-monetary costs of a DUI can be much worse.

If you have spent years establishing your standing at work, and in your community, that could all be jeopardized by receiving a DUI conviction.

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It's Not a Secret

DUI’s are legally a public record. In most cases local community newspapers and online media outlets post arrests under a Police Blotter. Names, addresses and city of residence are listed along with information about the arrest.

It's Embarrassing

After a Police Blotter record is posted, the word will get out in your community about your DUI arrest. The information about your DUI then will be known by members of your church, people you work with, friends, neighbors, nearly everyone in the community will know. If you have any level of fame or authority you can expect even more scrutiny by media and the community.


If you have an upwardly mobile job path, or have already established yourself with a high-level career, now you must deal with how your DUI will affect several aspects at work. First: How are you going to get to work if your license is suspended? Public transportation, taxi, share a ride, etc. Guess what? Everyone at work will notice that your transportation method has changed.

Second: If your job requires you to drive at times, transporting clients, or renting a car when traveling, then you will need to make other plans, which will need to be explained to your fellow workers. Third: You will have to miss work to meet with lawyers, attend court hearing, etc. Once again your fellow employees will probably know what’s going on.

Community Standing

If you are establishing or have already established a respected standing in your community a DUI will put a blemish on it. Are you on the PTA, or coach one of your kid’s sports teams, or are a Deacon at your church? The respect that you might have built will take a huge hit, when the word of your DUI starts to get around.

If your license is suspended, you will also need to adjust your transportation methods. Were you one of the drivers for a neighborhood car pool to dance lessons, or games? You can just ask to miss your turn, because usually license suspensions will last 6 months or more. This is another constant reminder to everyone in your community that you made a mistake and got a DUI.


A DUI conviction is going to change the respect you have earned from family, friends and others. How are your kids going to look at you, when you DUI it changes their life. How is your Mother-in-Law going to think about you now? How about your wife or husband? It's doubtful they are going to be very happy with you. Overall, you will lose some level of respect.

Do your utmost to NEVER DRINK and DRIVE. If you have had a drink and think you are OK to drive. Better check it out with an AlcoHAWK breathalyzer. You’ve Got Too Much To Lose.

Keep Yourself and Others Safe

Getting behind the wheel when you are not safe to drive, is putting yourself and others at risk. If you are have a BAC over .08% - you are not safe to drive. You and your family have too much too lose.

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When you are not safe to drive, your chances of getting into an accident are highly increased. Single car accidents cause damage to your car and potentially other cars or objects hit. These have high costs and potential injury.


Accidents in many cases cause injury to you and potentially others. This is a high cost to pay in medical bills, legal bills, and potential incarceration. Not to mention the mental strain of knowing it was your fault.


Driving in an unsafe condition, and causing an accident, could lead to yours or others death. This is an enormous price that you and your family and other families will have to pay due to your negligence. It is not easy to think about, but death is a potential outcome when someone gets behind the wheel when they are not in a safe state to drive.

Do your utmost to NEVER DRINK and DRIVE. If you have had a drink and think you are OK to drive. Better check it out with an AlcoHAWK breathalyzer. You’ve Got Too Much To Lose.