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By Quest Products Jul 3, 2009 10:20:41 AM

Will you be hosting or attending a party this holiday season? If alcohol will be present, it is important to plan ahead and drink responsibly to stay safe and avoid injury.

To drink safely and responsibly:

  • Limit your consumption of alcohol. Space your drinks at least an hour apart;
  • Have something to eat while you are drinking;
  • Try alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the party to cut down on the amount you drink;
  • Drink only if you want to. Don't be pressured into accepting a drink; and
  • Don't drive. Take a taxi, public transportation, walk or decide who is to be designated driver before the party starts.

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To keep your alcohol consumption in check, think about getting a personal breathalyzer.  They are more accurate than you think and will allow you to know your limits.  Enjoy drinking safely and responsibly!