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By Quest Products Jun 16, 2011 10:23:11 AM
Bay City Police Officer Dan Anderson
Bay City Police Officer
Dan Anderson

A feel-good news story came across the breathalyzer news lines yesterday. In Bay City, Michigan a police officer (Dan Anderson), after meeting with the Good Samaritain Rescue Mission's director (Debbie Nelson), went back to the office and decided that he needed to help the homeless shelter out by providing a breathalyzer kit.  After Dan and a few fellow officers pitched in they were able to purchase a breathalyzer kit and donate it to the resuce misson.  Needless to say, Debbie and the rest of the mission staff were very pleased and thankful for the gesture. "This is a total surprise," Nelson said. "And to have the officers purchase this out of their own pocket is humbling."

Way to go Dan! We're glad that breathlayzers are playing an important role in the rehabilitation of homeless individuals.

Did you know that Q3 has donated breathalyzers to various organizations? View our Q3 Cares page.


Source: Michigan Live, Bay City Police buy breathalyzer kit for area homeless shelter


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